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Message from the President

It is an honor to serve as president of the American Inns of Court. This organization is devoted to promoting professionalism, civility, ethics and excellent legal skills at the American bench and bar. From the founding of the first American Inn of Court in 1980, lawyers, judges, academics and students throughout the nation have been meeting on a monthly basis in a collegial setting in their local American Inn of Court for continuing education and mentoring. Today, more than 27,000 members participate on a regular basis in more than 350 chartered American Inns of Court. Since the founding, more than 100,000 members have contributed to and benefited from their involvement in this national movement.

I encourage you to explore this Web site. Read about the history of the American Inns of Court and its mission and goals. Examine the Professional Creed that articulates aspirational conduct for lawyers. Review our diversity policy. See the outstanding lawyers, judges and academics who comprise the board of trustees. Investigate the scholarships and awards sponsored by the American Inns of Court. Notice the programmatic, administrative, and educational resources offered by the national office. Learn how to join an existing Inn or start one near you.

If you are a member of an American Inn of Court, I thank you for your participation and I invite you to let us know how we can continue to serve and support you. If you are not a member of an American Inn of Court, consider joining thousands of others who share a commitment to improving the legal profession and maintaining the values essential to the success of a noble profession.

With best wishes,
Donald W. Lemons
President, American Inns of Court

Message from the President